They’re heartbeats of a different kind.

Day in and day out your heart thumps along without you giving it a second thought.  Then a moment comes along...

A Heart Changing Moment...

It may come from a sudden swerve,

an unexpected phone call,

meeting Mr. Right,

getting caught doing something you shouldn’t,

Or just lying in bed when all is still.

It’s the moment your heart jumps into your throat,  a moment you notice, and a moment that gets your attention.

Commercials are the heartbeat of the radio industry.

The vast majority of them thump along without a second thought.

Sterling Tarrant, however, doesn’t make just “commercials.”  With over 30 years specializing in radio production, he creates messages that get noticed. It’s through scripting, voice work, and sound design that are designed to work together to connect.

Connecting your message to people’s hearts - in 180 words or less.

Check out the various pages on this website to hear Sterling's productions, and to contact him about doing a project for you send an email to [email protected]


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